Oxy Group had experience to exports to over 10 countries; 15 cities globally which include North America, CIS, Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia.Oxy Group is emerging as a major potential Indian Pharmaceuticals exporter.
Today OXY GROUP is providing a ceaseless supply of the finest-quality finished formulations to markets in every corner of the world. Our global presence was built on a strong foundation of mutual respect: Respect for cultural and social diversity and respect for globally shared values. Naturally, the most important of these shared values is the universal goal that is cherished by all people, regardless of who they are or where they live, Good Health.
We produce various dosage forms encompassing a vast range of therapeutic categories. Our formulation development team and regulatory department are focused on bringing latest generics to our markets with expedience thereby guaranteeing a constant flow of the latest products to our customers. Oxy Group mantra has always been global. Only the best quality, capability, infrastructure and pricing can survive in this market.

Our Partnering Policy
We believe in working together towards success, with mutual trust, understanding our partner's requirements and above all satisfying them.

Our products are available to local pharmaceutical distributors in most countries. We support our partners with manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical products according to their requirements and specifications. We provide the marketing support to our partners. Our business development team and Regulatory team are always at our customer's service.

Customer Specific Manufacturer & Supply 
Our products are available under private label to our distributors and partners in most countries. In order to satisfy the diverse needs of our various customers located in different parts of the world we believe in developing products specific to the requirements of our customers.

At Oxy Group we help builds "molecules into brands." We work with our distributors, strategically and programmatically, to accelerate, expand and extend the product life cycles of ethical drugs. OXY GROUP has developed considerable brand marketing experience in the emerging markets through its portfolio of branded generics. We focus on new generations of drugs thereby ascending the value chain in the marketing and ultimately increase revenues from the sales of our products.

Regulatory Support/Services
Our Regulatory team consists of elite, highly qualified personnel engaged in providing data required to assure the high Quality, efficacy and safety of our Products. We can provide, clinical Trials, FDA Certificates and BE Studies for registration of our products as per guidelines of most health authorities in most countries.

Technology Transfer
The people of Oxy Group have headed various joint venture projects to manufacture a diverse range of products from pharmaceutical formulations to veterinary pre-mixes in countries like Vietnam, Zambia, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We are able to do so by offering turnkey projects to our overseas associates for establishing a state of the art manufactory from conception to commencement stage.

we understand that distribution of pharmaceutical products must be undertaken with a great deal of care and attention. Raw materials awaiting processing and finished products awaiting dispatch are stored in modern, fully climate-controlled high-bay storage areas. OXY GROUP is able to meet the delivery needs of its customers thanks to its modern data and order processing systems, its inspections of all goods entering and leaving the factory, and the latest transport logistics (road, sea or air). No matter what route The OXY GROUP product takes, or how long it takes to get there, its journey is carefully monitored until it reaches its destination. In a nutshell, the factors that have made us successful in drug manufacturing for overseas markets are:

  • High quality products.
  • Flexible responsive service.
  • "Just In time" delivery approach.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Excellent compliance record.
  • Efficient technical transfers.
  • Modern GMP Certified facilities.
  • FDA approved site.
  • Strong Regulatory support.
  • Efficient inventory coverage.

Driven by innovation and speed to market we focus on delivering world-class generics at an affordable price. Our unwavering determination to achieve excellence leads us to new global benchmarks.Oxy Group has built a visible presence across all its markets in Africa and Asia. The company future planning is to 
set strong presence in the pharmaceutical markets of Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Conakry, Togo, Benin, Tchad, Congo, Gabon, Ghana, RD Congo, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Philippines etc. 

A number of its products have gained recognition as a brand in Indian and in the above mentioned International markets. Oxy Group is making significant investments to build capabilities in R & D services to enhance its visibility.

For Oxy Group, International business has always remained an area of successful strategic business growth, and will remain so in the years to come. With approval of its finished Dosage facilities by the WHO GMP, Oxy Group has made an impression by offering QUALITY GENERIC product to customers globally.

Future Markets :


Kenya Senegal Benin Burkina Faso
Central African Republic TCHAD Ivory-coast Mali
Togo Ghana Congo Niger
Gabon Cameroon R.D.Congo GUANEE CONAKRY

South East Asia

Cambodia Sri Lanka Philippines
Vietnam Laos Myanmar